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Empirical Legal Studies is a growing field of legal study which emphasizes the use of empirical research approaches similar to other social science disciplines such as economics, political science, sociology, and psychology. For an excellent discussion on the merits of empirical legal research see Heise (1998). Recognizing the prominence of this field of inquiry, Harvard Law School has developed a program to assist faculty members and students who are interested in pursuing systematic, empirical studies of important legal questions. This site offers useful resources for designing, constructing and analyzing an empirical research study, as well as information regarding support services offered by Harvard Law School. For more information, please contact our Empirical Research Services department.

  1. Designing an Empirical Legal Study: Basic process of designing an effective empirical research study and developing testable hypotheses.
  2. Collecting Data: Recommendations on retrieving data and links to sources.
  3. Analyzing Data: A guide to what to do with the data.
  4. Presenting Results: Best practices in presenting statistical data and results.
  5. Publication Process: The study is completed, now what? Some tips on navigating the publication process.
  6. External Resources: Additional helpful resources.
  7. Contact Information: Contact the Empirical Department.
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